Hong Kong added to the MCNZ list of Comparable Healthcare System Countries

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Hong Kong has been added to New Zealand's list of Comaparable Healthcare Systems. This makes the process for Hong Kong trained doctors looking for work in New Zealand considerably easier.

The recent inclusion of Hong Kong in the list of MCNZ’s twenty-four Comparable Healthcare Systems countries is a significant development for medical professionals seeking international opportunities. This expansion in the list now puts Hong Kong alongside countries like the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Israel, Canada, Germany, and Spain. It means that experience gained in Hong Kong can now be counted towards an application for Medical registration in New Zealand. 

The appeal of New Zealand to Hong Kong doctors:

We see doctors of Hong Kong attracted to New Zealand for several reasons. New Zealand offers a serene and expansive natural environment, contrasting the dense urban landscape of Hong Kong. The country's healthcare system is robust, emphasising patient-centred care and work-life balance for practitioners. If you are looking for a change from the hustle of Hong Kong's fast-paced life, New Zealand's lower population density provides a sense of tranquility. The opportunity for professional growth, combined with a more relaxed lifestyle, makes New Zealand an enticing prospect.

What are the requirements?

The Comparable Healthcare System pathway gives doctors which experience in a similar healthcare system the opportunity to work in New Zealand has several requirements which must be met to be eligible including:  

  • 33 out of the last 48 months spent working full time (20 hours or more per week) in one area of medicine
  • A medical degree from the WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
  • A job offer from a NZ hospital in a job which is at the same level and in the same area of medicine as the experience in a Comparable Healthcare System
  • Meeting English language requirements

As the Medical Council require you to work under supervision for the first 12 months of working in New Zealand, you’ll need to find an employer who can offer you this level of support. This is where we come in as we work with hospitals throughout New Zealand to secure jobs for International doctors who require a position with supervision. We can help you to confirm your eligibility for registration, work with you to secure you a role and then provide support through the entire process of gaining medical registration and a visa and arriving to start your new life in NZ.

The inclusion of Hong Kong in New Zealand's Comparable Healthcare System countries opens up exciting opportunities for doctors seeking international career growth. By meeting the eligibility requirements and leveraging the support we offer, doctors can smoothly transition to a fulfilling medical career in New Zealand.

If you’d like to chat about the Comparable Healthcare System pathway or the move to New Zealand in general, get in touch with us today for personalised guidance and support.

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Sarah Robertson
18 September 2023Article by Sarah Robertson Medrecruit Immigration Advisor