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New Zealand is known for providing some of the best work/life balance in the world, and if you're a doctor from the UK - you're in high demand. Whatever your lifestyle or career goals discover better with Medrecruit. Find out everything you need to know in our IMG Down Under guide.

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What specialities are in demand?

Find out what specialities are in demand in 2023, and whether yours is one of them.

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Where is the work?

Find out where the work is and what enviable locations you could relocate to down under with Medrecruit.

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What are doctors earning down under?

Find out what doctors are earning down under in 2023 and how much you could earn if you made the move.

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Doctor moves to New Zealand - sunset
Moving to AU/NZ
Dr Abdullah Khalid shares his experience of what it is like moving from London to rural NZ as a doctor.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 19 Jun 2021
Doctor in NZ
Moving to AU/NZ
Dr Hannah Todd moved to New Zealand as a paediatric doctor, this is her story.
Article by Julia | 22 Nov 2022
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Moving to AU/NZ
Dr Benjamin Alba made the move to New Zealand from the UK to live and work as a doctor. This is his story.
Article by Julia | 24 Nov 2022