Specialist Consultant

Surgery - general

Bairnsdale, Victoria AU

Job Description:

Locum cover is required for:

  • 9 - 12 April 2024
  • 15 - 24 April 2024
  • 29 April - 6 May 2024
  • 10 - 16 may 2024
  • 20 - 22 May 2024
  • 27 - 3 June 2024
  • 7 - 13 June 2024
  • 17 - 19 June 2024

Position Details:

  • Covering: Handover, Ward rounds, Theatre, Consulting.
  • Includes On call on some shifts.
  • Should have GESA accreditation for both gastroscopy and colonoscopy.


  • Accommodation is included.

Client Description:

Located in the heart of a bustling Australian town, this public hospital is a vital part of the community. The hospital is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled medical professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients. The hospital offers a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgery, maternity care, and rehabilitation services. The surrounding area is a beautiful and vibrant region, with stunning natural scenery and a rich cultural heritage. The town is situated on the banks of a picturesque river, and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating. The town also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with a range of galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing local talent. The hospital is located in a convenient location, with easy access to public transport and major highways. The town is also home to a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a great place to live and work. With a friendly and welcoming community, excellent facilities, and a beautiful location, this public hospital is an ideal place for doctors looking to make a difference in the lives of patients and contribute to the local community.

  • Bairnsdale, Victoria AU
  • Locum
  • $2,500 per day
  • NOW ~ 19 Jun 2024

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