Hot off the press: Our 2024 Australian doctor job market report

Find out what doctors are earning in Australia

Download our 2024 Doctor Job Market Report to gain invaluable insights into emerging trends, salary benchmarks, and the most in-demand specialties. Equip yourself with the latest data to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape and optimise your career trajectory in 2024.

What's inside?
Geriatrics doctors
What are AU doctors earning?

Find out what Australian doctors are earning in 2024 and how you can increase your salary.

Doctor jobs beach
Where is the work?

Find out where the work is and what locations you could visit as a Medrecruit locum.

Paediatrics doctor
What specialities are in demand?

Get to know which medical specialities are in demand in 2024 in different parts of Australia & New Zealand, and whether yours is one of them.

Hear what our doctors have to say
Doctor couple travelling locum work
Our Doctors
They met in med school and dreamed of travelling together. Locuming made it possible.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 04 May 2021
Locum doctor
Our Doctors
Find out how working as a locum can give you the time and flexibility to pursue your passions.
Article by Jordy Black | 29 Aug 2021
locum doctors
Our Doctors
Australia-based doctor, Lachlan Thompson has been making the most of the locum lifestyle. Find out how he does it and how you can do it too.
Article by Bethany Rogers | 18 Apr 2022

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