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When applying for new doctor jobs it is important to have a stand-out medical CV and cover letter. On this page, you can access multiple resources including information on how to construct the perfect resume, list your relevant work experience, and create a personal statement.

First things first! We know you're busy that's why we have taken our knowledge of the industry and created a downloadable CV template for you.

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Creating your the perfect resume has never been this easy with our doctor CV template.

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Our medical CV template has been specifically designed with doctor job applications in mind.

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Our medical CV template is easy to read and has been used by our network of over 70,000 doctors.

Why is your doctor CV important?

A good medical CV is an important tool for any professional in the medical field. It can help you to showcase your qualifications, stand out from the competition, and secure better job opportunities.

How to write a personal statement for your doctor CV
  • Determine your focus
  • Keep it brief
  • Use strong language
  • Tailor it to the job
  • Proofread and edit
Doctor CV template

What makes a good doctor CV?

A good doctor's CV is a clear, concise, and easy-to-read document that outlines your education, work experience, and includes your skills as a medical professional. It should be tailored to the specific job or opportunity you are applying for and should highlight your most relevant qualifications and experiences. It is important to also include your contact details and a covering letter or personal statement.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the work in New Zealand?

There are roles available right across New Zealand. Many (though certainly not all) locum roles are in rural locations and lots of doctors we work with love using this as an opportunity to explore new places. Where the work is also depends on the type of work you’d like to do and what your specialty and experience is. You can search for current roles on our job search page.

Where is the work in Australia?

There are roles available right across Australia. Where the work is depends on your experience and specialty. Many (though certainly not all) locum roles are in rural areas. Overseas-trained doctors are required to work in a rural area of need for a period of time.

Lots of doctors we work with love earning extra and exploring the country through locum and permanent placements. You can find out more about our current job listings on the job search page.

What paperwork will I need to apply for roles?

Your registration number, a current CV and three references are the essentials of any job application. Other paperwork that's commonly required is:

  • Evidence of vaccinations,
  • Evidence of your degree/fellowship,
  • Annual Practicing Certificates,
  • Indemnity,
  • A certified copy of your passport and/or driver’s licence,
  • Police vetting form.

What you'll need can vary slightly between Australian states and in New Zealand. Some states/locations also ask you complete an online training course (eMedical Courses). We're here to help guide you through the requirements and we'll give you a checklist detailing everything you need.

How to write a doctor's CV?

When creating your doctor's resume, it is integral that it is thorough and well-written. Make sure you include your qualifications, clinical experience, and research. Download our doctor's CV template for more information.

What to include on my CV?
  • Your name and contact details
  • Your medical qualifications and where you studied for your degree
  • Dates of qualifications and employment
  • Any gaps in work or practice history
  • Any extracurricular activities or research you have undertaken
  • A photograph will help build rapport with the hiring manager